Original Garage Moto (OG), from Québec City, Canada, has brought performance-inspired V-Twin motorcycle parts to life since 2016.
With their riding and engineering backgrounds, the team at OG proposes something different to this market; High-quality Parts with a unique look, with more features & customizable options than you could ever imagine. OG Hard Parts ensure your bike rides, feels & looks as good as you would expect!

This year the V-Twin Performance Area presented by Original Garage Moto is a must-see for every motorcycle enthusiast & core Performance Harley fan at the Toronto Motorcycle Show.
OG will present its new Hard Parts lineup alongside eight (8) all-out Harley-Davidson recent bike builds from their well-reputed builders & customers. The two OG (2) Harley Davidson AMA Bagger Racing League  Race Bikes, including last year’s winning Sportster, will bring interest within the area.
The Toronto Motorcycle show will be the first time OG showcases these bikes. The uniqueness of their display is clearly the first of its kind in Canada.

Come & experience exclusive bike build, showcasing a high level of craftsmanship and performance.
You do not want to miss it!